Crosby MBA Advisory Board

Shann Sievers


Adjuvus Resources

Mr. Sievers has been in Human Resources for his entire career, expressing a particular with love for the study of organizational dynamics. He has continued to climb the HR career ladder as a “generalist”. Proving calculating in his selection of employers and assignments, he sought out opportunities and career moves where he could continue to stretch himself. Having earned his BA in Psychology and Master's of Public Administration at Mizzou, he found that the university provided a solid foundation to start his career. He says, "To me, the most valuable competency I learned at MU was understanding the value of critical thinking. There is just something special about Mizzou!"

His advice to impending Crosby MBA graduates is to learn quickly the value of “people!" "Become a servant leader and have an executive presence. You can learn from anyone – even the part-time groundskeeper." Shann placed a high level of significance on the importance of developing all members of the staff, from maintenance employees to young managers. Acknowledging that not everyone has the desire to advance in their career, he insists that even someone who doesn’t want to advance could develop themselves by learning about technology trends in the job, etc. He firmly believes that Human Resources is no longer just about hiring and firing people, but developing people to achieve their highest potential no matter where they are in the organization. His outlook on the field is extremely refreshing and invigorating.

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