Crosby MBA Advisory Board



Aperio Business Consulting

Kerry Goyette is a graduate of Mizzou having earned both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Social Work at the university. Additionally, she has multiple certifications including the following: Certified Forensic Interviewer, Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, and Certified Emotional Intelligence Analyst. Kerry’s experience as a private practice therapist and as a medical industry executive gave her unique insight into working with people. She combined this interest with her deep desire to help organizations increase effectiveness of their biggest asset, their people and founded Aperio Consulting Group.

Kerry is passionate about Mizzou and Columbia because not only is Columbia a great place to raise a family, but it has a fun university vibe and culture and the community is integrated. As Crosby MBA students embark on their careers, she says to "set your goals and passionately pursue them. The most successful people don't wait for opportunities, they create them."

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