Trulaske Students Named Mizzou '18 and Mizzou '39 Award Recipients

Mizzou 18 and Mizzou 39

Earlier this month, the Mizzou Alumni Association and Alumni Association Student Board named the 2022 Mizzou '18 Award and Mizzou ’39 Award recipients. These prestigious awards honor some of the best and the brightest at the university, and the Trulaske College of Business is proud to have students among both categories.

Mizzou '18

This award is dedicated to honoring 18 University of Missouri graduate and professional students in the last year of their degree eligibility. Recipients are chosen for their world-class research, collaboration with faculty and staff and their demonstrated leadership with undergraduate students. 

Divya Anand


Bihar & Kerala, India

Pursuing PhD in Marketing

Mentor: Lisa Scheer

Favorite moment in the classroom: I teach Sales Management, so my goal for this class is not just to make the students academically adept but also to give them examples from my industry experiences where theories have been impactful in critical decision making. My favorite classroom moments are when my students can bridge the gap between theory and industry practice on their own and discuss those with the class.  

An experience at Mizzou I will never forget: During my first semester, a staff at Mizzou, whom I met for the first time, gave me a small U-shaped volcanic rock. It was rough and unpolished from the outside but glittered when you look inside. She said, “The outside of this rock is pretty much what the Ph.D. program will feel like—you will constantly question yourself and your progress. But know that slowly, it changes you from within to become a better and a shinier version of yourself.” Fast forward five years, this rock still holds a special place on my work desk. Every time I succeed, it reminds me that my hard work is now shining, and every time I fail, it reminds me that I still need to polish myself. 

Favorite quote: Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.  

I am proudest of: I have been teaching for three years now, parallel with my research work. Every now and then, I receive emails from my students describing how much they enjoy taking my class, which is always a proud moment for me.  

My research interest and why it excites me: Change is the only constant, and disruptions are a part of life. However, even today, one of the biggest questions businesses ask is whether their actions to mitigate disruption are adequate or not. My research focuses on examining organizations’ responses to external disruptive events and providing managerial insights to reduce the shock of disruption. In this regard, I work on two critical streams of research—B2B channels and social media disruption. While my interest in B2B channels arose from my professional experience as a strategy lead in an MNC, my interest in social media was a much more organic and evolutionary process of learning during the PhD program. I am also blessed to be working with some amazing faculty who let me explore various research topics while pushing me in the right direction—they too are a big reason why I am always excited about my research work!   

Mizzou '39

In the spirit of service that was the cornerstone of the 1839 founding of the University of Missouri, the Mizzou Alumni Association Student Board presents the Mizzou '39 Award to 39 outstanding seniors each year. Recipients are chosen for their academic achievement, leadership and service to Mizzou and the community.


Adam Hollmann


St. Louis, Missouri

Finance, Economics, and Real Estate

Mentor: Dr. Mary Beth Marrs

Favorite class in the College of Business: Business Law with Professor Sherry Mariea

An experience at Mizzou you will never forget: Covid week March 2020. No one knew what was going on, and together, everyone just braced for what was to come. While it's not a particularly positive memory, it stands out as a core memory from my college experience.

Favorite quote: "This is where the fun begins" -Anakin Skywalker

Advice for incoming first-year students: Get involved in one business school organization. For me, that was Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity (AKPsi). AKPsi surrounded me with people who became my best friends and also held the same professional ambitions I did. Furthermore, getting involved early made Cornell and Mizzou feel like home and my college experience so enjoyable.

What’s next: I will be moving to Boston, Massachusetts, to work as a Growth Analyst for Procter & Gamble.


Alaina Meekins-Kent


Kansas City, Missouri

Business Marketing

Mentor: Annette Kendall

Favorite class in the College of Business: My favorite class in the College of Business was BA 2500 with Professor Tim Hill. This class helped me discover my love for working with the community, specifically advocating for those who need help! I loved that we got hands-on experience so early on.

An experience at Mizzou you will never forget: I will never forget how my professors in the College of Business helped me through one of the most challenging years of my life when I was a freshman. They uplifted me and encouraged me to keep striving while providing a sense of community for me.

Favorite quote: "Lift as you climb."

Advice for incoming first-year students: My advice for incoming first-year students is to truly utilize this time in school to discover yourself and your passions. When there is no path for you to follow, trailblaze your own! Don't let self-doubt talk you out of taking risks; you are meant to be here!

What's next: I hope to leave a scholarship for Mizzou students and officially start my nonprofit that will cover the cost of therapy for Black students at Mizzou! I also hope to work for a multinational company in their community outreach sector one day. 


Julisha Wilkins


Kansas City, Missouri

International Business - Finance 

Mentor: LeAnn Stroupe

Favorite class in the College of Business: Management 4970 with Joel Andrus: I love the atmosphere of the class, and all of the material heavily interests me that we go over.

An experience at Mizzou you will never forget: An experience at Mizzou that I will never forget is how nice and understanding the Trulaske faculty were when I notified them about the sudden loss of my brother last year. Not only were they understanding, but they were very flexible and allowed me to be there for my family while also pushing me to not give up on my education. I will forever be grateful for the amount of support I received from the Business School.

Favorite place to study on campus: My favorite place to study is in Ellis!

I am proudest of: Leaving my mark on Mizzou's campus. Coming from a low-middle-class community, my goal was to succeed in college while positively impacting as many lives as possible. I have had the blessing to do both, and I am proud that, to those I have met and impacted, my name will never be forgotten.

What's next: I will be moving to Houston, Texas, to work for IBM in Finance and Supply Chain Management! I am super excited for this role and the experience I will gain in this position.


Matthew Rothermich


Columbia, Missouri


Mentor: Charlie Koors

Favorite class in the College of Business: Business and Society with Professor Sherry Mariea. Sherry has been one of my favorite professors at Mizzou, and the way she presented content made me excited to go to class every day. The class challenged me to think about Corporate Social Responsibility and how businesses should think beyond the bottom line and strive to make the world a better place.

An experience at Mizzou you will never forget: During my time at Mizzou, an experience I will never forget will be my time on the Homecoming Steering Committee. Last fall, I was a member of the Parade Committee and got to plan one of Mizzou's most cherished traditions. Especially with the year off due to the pandemic, it was so exciting to see the joy on people's faces as they could come home and celebrate the University that they love.

Favorite place to study on campus: My favorite place to study on campus would probably be the basement of Cornell. When I have breaks between classes, I love to go down there, sit at the tables, and knock out as much homework as possible. 

I am proudest of: All the friendships I have made. Mizzou has given me so many memories and created relationships that will last a lifetime. I am grateful that I have been able to meet so many important and impactful people on this campus and that I can call them my friends. 

What's next: I will be at Mizzou for another year, getting my master's degree in Accounting. I am lucky to say that I am also one of the Tri-Directors for the 2022 Homecoming. Some of the traditions I get to help plan this fall include the Homecoming Blood Drive, Parade, Dome Lighting, and Decorate the District!