Trulaske awards 2019 Citations of Merit, college awards

Image: Dean Ajay speaking at the honors luncheon.

The Trulaske College of Business Awarded nine of the college’s top honors, the Citation of Merit, at its annual Honors Luncheon on May 3. Nominees for these prestigious awards are selected for their career accomplishments, involvement with the college through board and volunteer activities, student and graduate recruitment or other collaborative programs and financial support of the college. The Faculty Policy Committee reviews each candidate and then the entire faculty votes on up to ten recipients. Up to two of the awards can be given to friends of the college in the form of Special Citations.

Eight alumni citations and one special citation were awarded. Those receiving a Citation of Merit include:

  • W.D Allen – PhD ’06, Alumni Citation of Merit
  • Kreg Brown – BS Acc ’84, Alumni Citation of Merit
  • Carol DiRaimo – BS Acc ’83, MBA ’04 (Rockhurst University), Alumni Citation of Merit
  • Jason Galloway – BS BA ’04, Alumni Citation of Merit
  • Nicole Galloway – BS ’04 (Missouri University of Science and Technology), MBA ’08, Alumni Citation of Merit
  • Greg Maday – BS BA ’86, Alumni Citation of Merit
  • James O’Hallaron – BS BA ’81, MA ’88 (Saint Louis University), Alumni Citation of Merit
  • Toby Stock – BS BA ’98, JD ’01 (Harvard University), Alumni Citation of Merit
  • Mark Fenner – BS Ag. ’85, Special Citation of Merit

Two recent alumni were honored with the Recent Alumni Advisory Board’s (RAAB) Recent Alumni Achievement Award. This award recognizes outstanding volunteer support of the Trulaske College of Business as well as the professional accomplishments of alumni who received their degree 15 or fewer years ago. The award is presented annually to a maximum of two alumni. Recent Alumni Achievement Award nominees are screened by the Faculty Policy Committee and approved by the college’s faculty. Selection criteria include active involvement with the college through advisory boards or other collaborative activities; professional accomplishments early in his/her career; and a demonstration of leadership for or inspiration to students and other alumni through participation in university or college events and/or social and community service.

This year’s recipients of the Recent Alumni Achievement Award are:

  • Chad Reed – BS Acc ’08, M Acc ‘08
  • Mike Swigunski – BS BA ’11, MBA ’15 (Chonnam National University, South Korea)

Additionally, the awards were presented to outstanding students, faculty, staff and alumni who continue to drive the mission of student excellence:

  • Emerging Leaders – Emma Austin, Johnathan Kimble
  • Alumnus of the Year – Andy Miller
  • Faculty Member of the Year – Sherry Mariea
  • Staff Member of the Year – Alex Horn
  • Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key – Mackenzie Stout
  • Undergraduate Student Leadership Award – Hope Dorsey, Jordyn Eskijian, Lynn Kreul, Mackenzie Murray, Hannah Weber
  • Edward J. Rapp Excellence in Leadership Award – Thomas Cater