Student Council selects outstanding marketing student Jordan Walters to speak at May 2023 Trulaske commencement

Jordan Walters in Rome

By Elleyna Rudman

With drive, creativity and commitment, Trulaske senior Jordan Walters sets herself apart from her peers and goes the extra mile to make a difference in her community.

As a natural leader who thrives academically, Walters is also heavily involved in various organizations across campus. Her significant impact has made her one of the most outstanding students in her class.

Jordan Walters
In her free time, Walters can be found taking photos, in cooking classes with her dad, or jumping in her car and going on a solo adventure. Her love for exploration encourages her to see and try new things every day.

After graduating from Ursuline Academy of Dallas in 2019, Walters made her way to Columbia, where she began her college career as a freshman at the University of Missouri. Her parents had always encouraged her to go out of state for college, and with a desire to explore and see what else the world had to offer, she felt Mizzou was the perfect choice.

Walters decided to pursue a degree in marketing along with a certificate in marketing analytics. Her mom, a longtime professional in the field, has always seen a talent for marketing within her daughter and encouraged her to pursue it as a career. Walters’ natural creative spirit would prove to be a driving force in her time at Mizzou.

Upon stepping foot on campus, Walters became heavily involved. Within her first two years, she became a resident advisor (RA) for Mizzou Residential Life and a peer mentor for Mizzou Black Women’s Initiative while also serving as their social media chair. Additionally, Walters is a member of the Alumni Association Student Board, recruitment chair for Mortar Board and a student manager for Trulaske Abroad, and has held positions such as sergeant at arms and public relations chair for the Delta Tau chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

Out of all these positions, there is one that she holds near to her heart: her role as a student manager for Trulaske Abroad. Stephanie Ross, Walters’ supervisor at Trulaske Abroad, acknowledges her notable drive and devotion to her job as well as the people around her.

“In Jordan’s many leadership roles on campus and in the college, she has realized she has a voice she can use to advocate for other students,” Ross said. “In my eyes, her advocacy is her greatest accomplishment.”

As a student manager, Walters has been organizing the programs and ensuring that students have what they need while overseas. From addressing dietary restrictions to arranging accommodations and flights, Walters has been managing it all. Whether students know her as an RA or seek her advice when traveling abroad, they are aware that she is available to answer questions and provide guidance.

As compensation for their hard work, student managers participate in Trulaske’s study abroad programs at no cost. Last summer, Walters traveled to Bergamo, Italy, where she spent her time taking photos, trying new foods and experiencing all Italy has to offer.

“There’s something special about immersing yourself in someone else’s culture,” Walters said.

Her trip abroad remains one of her favorite experiences while at Mizzou, and traveling continues to be one of Walters’ beloved hobbies. Learning about new places, people and lifestyles fascinates her. Her experiences overseas have opened her eyes to the various ways people can go about life.

Jordan Walters photo in Paris
Walters snaps a photo of the Eiffel Tower in the bustling French city of Paris. While living in Bergamo, Italy, Walters was able to go on excursions to a variety of European cities.

“Everybody has the same 24 hours in a day, but everyone goes about it completely differently,” Walters said.

Her time in Italy taught her some valuable life skills. As someone who usually prefers things to be planned in advance, the spontaneity and unpredictability of traveling in a new country taught her how to become highly adaptable. The experience broke her out of her comfort zone while allowing her to go with the flow and appreciate traveling’s unplanned adventures. Additionally, a global perspective is a great asset in the business world.

When Walters isn’t studying abroad or participating in one of her various extracurricular activities, she’s working hard in the classroom. As a Walton Scholar with a perfect Dean’s List record, Walter’s academic achievement is impressive.

Her passion and natural talent for marketing and social media have helped her excel in her courses. Courtney Cothren, an associate teaching professor in the Marketing Department, served as Walters’ instructor this spring in a Consumer Behavior class and took note of Walters’ drive and curiosity.

“Jordan has an exuberance and positive energy that she brings to everything she approaches. She is professional, inquisitive, driven, and an all-around exceptional and inspiring student,” Cothren said.

Walters’ academic and leadership achievement were recognized last year when she was awarded the Trulaske Undergraduate Leadership Award, a distinction that recognizes and celebrates a business student’s positive impact on their peers and the Mizzou community through leadership.

Jordan Walters

Trulaske Student Council recently selected Walters to speak at the 2023 Trulaske commencement ceremony on May 12 at Mizzou Arena. Walters is overjoyed with the honor of speaking at graduation, but she makes it clear that the special day is not about her.

“Graduation day is about every single other student that is in that room, and if I can impart some words on a group of students that have had a major impact in my life, then that’s a huge gift,” Walters said.

Her humility and gratitude towards Mizzou students, faculty and staff continue to showcase her incredible character. Walters’ devotion to Mizzou and the university’s surrounding community runs deep and true. Her eloquence and wisdom are sure to make her a memorable speaker.

After graduation, Walters has some exciting plans for the summer. She will spend a few weeks in Europe, bouncing around to different study abroad programs in London, Dublin and Prague. She will take on a marketing role for Trulaske Abroad and will spend her time photographing and documenting the extended trip. When Walters returns, she plans to take a gap year to prepare for graduate school and the rest of her marketing career.

Walters has made the most of her time at Mizzou, and her legacy will be remembered as one filled with commitment, dedication and advocacy. Walters continues to represent Mizzou’s core values. Her positive attitude and strong leadership will guide and propel her in her future, as they have during her time on campus.