b'ENTREPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATIONHOW TO GET AWAY WITH ENTREPRENEURSHIPThe University of Missouri and the University of the Western Cape (UWC) in South Africa have collaborated on academic programs and research for nearly four decades.ENTREPRENEURS WITHOUT BORDERSThe University of Missouri and the University of theSaturday morning for Western Cape (UWC) in South Africa have collabo- thisworkshop,said rated on academic programs and research for nearlyJessica. four decades. The partnership between these insti- However, my doubts tutions was extended this year by the campusesweredispelledwhen Centers for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, whichDenislav Marinov, the kicked off the academic year with a series of entre- visionaryfounderof preneurial skills-building workshops for students,Amnova Tech, joined faculty, and staff. These skills-building workshopsus via Zoom from South This spring, the Trulaske College of BusinessBrianna explained to students that developing anand the pilot student exchange were supportedAfrica. He shared his rebooted its annual Business Week, and kicked offentrepreneurial mindset is vital for all businesses,by a generous gift from Greg and Elizabeth Maday. insights on the evolu-the week of workshops, presentations, and inter- Theres a lot of entrepreneurial skill sets that youThe sessions were conducted on Saturdays viationofscienceand active sessions with Entrepreneurship Nightcan hone while working a corporate career. WhenZoom videoconferencing, either as entirely remoteengineering, specifically supported by the Center for Entrepreneurship andI eventually decided to venture out, it was throughsessions or sessions that linked students on thethe remarkable fusion of Innovation. that experience of being a leader in exhibitingcampuses while they worked in their respectivestem cells with 3D Printing to create body parts The evenings activities started with a panelleadership and solving problems, or anticipatingcomputer labs. Because of the time difference, thelike ears. This mind-blowing revelation ignited a discussion led by Derrick L. Christian II, an MUproblems, that made me feel more comfortable tosessions started at 9 am in Missouri and 4 pm innewfound inspiration, propelling me to make my alum currently the Director for Marketing & Brandjump into being an entrepreneur while in my 9 to 5. Cape Town. finest design during the workshop. Innovation at the United Center in Chicago. JoiningAfter the panel/show, the students and facultySessions included: Leveraging the Internet in yourNow, I am brimming with excitement as I explore Derrick were two distinguished fellow alumni,moved to an Entrepreneurship Fair in the Cornellbusiness, Tools To Accelerate Web Development,the realm of developing 3D-printed interventions for Jeffery Beckham Jr., the CEO of Chicago ScholarsAtrium, featuring booths set up by student entre- No-Code/Low-Code App Development, Socialbreast cancer survivors. It is terrific that CEI provides and an acclaimed artist, and Brianna Arps, Chiefpreneurs from across the campus. Attendees hadMedia Marketing for Entrepreneurs, and Socialthese remarkable opportunities that extend beyond Brand Marketing Strategist at ARPS Enterprise Solu- the chance to learn about these student foundersMedia Management Tools. UWCs Women in Tech- the boundaries of the business school, allowing tions Group. All three added a dynamic, real-worldvision, business models, and operational tactics.nology chapter, led by Social Entrepreneur and UWCstudents like me to embrace novel and valuable perspective to the entrepreneurial journey.Simultaneously, it was a marketplace, allowingLaw graduate Munashe Dzikiti, was instrumental inknowledge.In an avant-garde move, Derrick structured the panelattendees to purchase unique products or sign uppromoting and coordinating the workshops.The success of these workshops has led to a deeper as a Netflix series, How to Get Away with Entre- for services directly from these student-run busi- An additional session was added for students andrelationship between the two centers and the center preneurship. He curated a series of entrepreneurialnesses. This hands-on approach helped our buddingfaculty to learn how to design and create a productdirectors, which are currently piloting a student themes, each represented as an episode. Studentsentrepreneurs gain real-world experience, test theirusing additive manufacturing, also known as 3Dexchange program for student entrepreneurs. voted for the episode they wanted to experienceideas, understand their market, and hone customerPrinting. Designing an Object for 3D PrintingwasDuring this program, student entrepreneurs travel live. This approach provided an interactive, demo- interaction skills. led by Denislav Marinov, entrepreneur and founderto each others campuses and cities to work with cratic process, transforming a conventional businessEntrepreneurship Night was a great success andof Amnova Tech, a maker of 3D printers in Southstartups and businesses, learn about the local entre-panel into a lively and engaging discourse. encapsulated the spirit of the Trulaske College ofAfrica.preneurial ecosystem, and develop connections and During one episode, Jeffery emphasized theBusinessa spirit of unity, empowerment, andJessica Osaze, a Ph.D. student in Health Manage- partnerships to help them build their ventures. importance of entrepreneurial networks, The mostunceasing commitment to learning. Look for Seasonment and Informatics at the University of Missouri,In August two Mizzou student entrepreneursNez important thing that I learned at Mizzou was the2 of How to Get Away with Entrepreneurship towas one of the attendees. Initially, my first attemptRedi and Michael Moriartytraveled to UWC for two importance of relationships and networking. Anddrop in 2024! at designing a 3D print left much to be desired,and a half weeks. In early December, two students as an entrepreneur, your network is your net worth!making me question my decision to sacrifice afrom UWC will visit Mizzous campus. 4 MANAGEMENT MATTERSMANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT 2023 ANNUAL REPORT 5'