b'MEET OUR FACULTYTEACHING FACULTYGay Albright (Ed.D. Educational Lead- J Scott Christianson (MA, Education andWei Jiang (Ph.D., Computer Science,Marco Pantoja (MS, Personal Finance ership and Policy Analysis, University ofHuman Development, The George Wash- Purdue University; M.S., Computer Science,Planning, University of Missouri; BS, Finan-Missouri, MBA, Saint Louis University; B.S.,ington University; BA, Biology, UniversityPurdue University; B.S., Computer Sciencecial Counseling, University of Missouri) Business Education, Missouri State Univer- of Missouri). Mr. Christianson is an Asso- and Mathematics, University of Iowa).Mr. Pantoja is an Extension Assistant sity). Dr. Albright is an Associate Teachingciate Teaching Professor and serves asDr. Jiang is an Associate Professor withProfessor and 9-year United States Marine Professor and serves as the Associatethe Director for the Center for Entrepre- a joint appointment in the DepartmentCorps veteran, in addition to being an Dean of Undergraduate Programs. Inneurship and Innovation. Mr. Christiansonof Electrical Engineering and ComputerAccredited Financial Counselor (AFC). this capacity, she oversees recruitment,teaches project management and infor- Science at the College of EngineeringMr. Pantoja serves the students of Mizzou advising, Business Career Services, themation technology management courses.(tenure-track) and the Department ofas a professor for Management 3000WI Professional EDGE program, Business Administration courses,Prior to joining the Trulaske College of Business, Scott was a busi- Management. His research interests include privacy-preservingand as a TRiO Personal Finance Coach. Mr. Pantoja also serves on-line course initiatives, and assessment. As Director of Globalness owner with more than 21 years of experience in video-con- data analytics, privacy issues related to online social networks,Missourians as the program director for the MU Extension Volun-Initiatives, she also provides leadership for 10 study abroadferencing technology, project management and informationand applied cryptography. His work has been funded by theteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Taxpayer Service Program.programs, the MU International Trade Center, and academictechnology. He speaks nationally and internationally on a rangeNational Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research, the programs in collaboration with international universities.of advanced technology topics.National Security Agency, Google, and the University of MissouriResearch Board. GeorgeR.Brand(JD,Universityof Tonya Ford (MBA, University of MissouriKihyungKim(Ph.D.,PurdueUniver-Missouri School of Law; MBA, University Columbia; BS, University of Missourisity; M.S., Yonsei University; B.A., Yonsei of Missouri; BA, St. Olaf College). Mr. Brand Columbia). Ms. Ford is an AssistantUniversity).DrKimisanAssistantThe commitment to professional joined the Trulaske College of Business inTeaching Professor, teaching BusinessTeaching Professor, he teaches variousdevelopment and the opportunity to make the Fall of 2022 as an assistant teachingConsulting,Entrepreneurship,Orga- quantitative classes such as operationsa positive impact on our lives are major professor in the Management Department.nizational Behavior, and Professionalmanagement, supply chain engineering, He has broad experience teaching andDevelopment and serves as Editor of theand data analytics. His research interestreasons why I find joy in teaching at Mizzou.practicing law and is eager to connect withManagement Matters Report. She haslies in supply chain management whereKihyung Kimstudents in and outside the classroom.received faculty awards for her teaching,many companies collaborate with and service, and mentorship to students and young professionals.compete with each other. By modeling supply chains from the Ford is, herself, an entrepreneur and is active throughout thegame-theoretic point of view, he delivers managerial insights business and entrepreneurial community of Columbia. Shefor corporations social responsibility and joint production. brings a wealth of experience in business consulting and exec-utive coaching. Lauren Brengarth (PhD, Communication,Mary Beth Marrs (Ph.D., University ofJackie Rasmussen (M.B.A., Oklahoma University of Missouri; MA, Journalism,Missouri; M.B.A., University of Missouri; B.S.,StateUniversity;B.S.,Marketing& University of Missouri; Bachelor of Jour- Mizzou is a great place to teach whereIndustrialEngineering,UniversityofManagement, Oklahoma State Univer-nalism, University of Missouri). Dr. Bren- ones efforts are recognized, new programMissouri). Dr. Marrs is an Associate Professorsity) Ms. Rasmussen serves as an Assis-garth is an Assistant Teaching Professor anddevelopment is supported, and above all itand serves as the Director of the Cornelltant Teaching Professor and Director is serving as the Assistant Dean of StudentLeadership Program and Heartland Scholarsof the MU International Trade Center. Programs. Her research and teachingis a place where one can enjoy a wonderfulAcademy. She is the recipient of the KemperSheteachesInternationalBusiness, focus on strategic communication, socialcommunity of faculty, staff, and students. Fellowship for Teaching Excellence, theManagingGlobalTradeandProject media, ethics and leadership. Faculty Alumni Award, and received theManagement Fundamentals. With the Aldis Jakubovskis Distinguished Faculty Award. Dr. Marrs research has been publishedsupport of Ms. Rasmussen and the MU International Trade in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.Center were recognized in 2016, when the Center received the U.S. Presidents E-Award for Excellence in Exporting Services. Shannon Breske (Ph.D., Educational Lead- Aldis Jakubovskis (Ph.D., Logistics andChristie McCullough (Ph.D., BusinessDaryl Smith (MBA, Washington University; ership and Policy Analysis, University ofSupplyChainManagement,Univer- Administration, University of Missouri;BS BA, University of Missouri). Mr. Smith is an Missouri; MA, University of South Dakota;sity of Missouri; Graduate CertificateMBA, University of Missouri; BS, Organi- Associate Teaching Professor; his teaching BA, Mass Communications, University ofinMarketing,UniversityofMissouri;zational Communications, Missouri StateareasincludeManagementPrinciples, South Dakota). Dr. Breske serves as anMBA, Saint Louis University; Diploma,University) Dr. McCullough is an Assis- Human Resources Management, Diversity Assistant Teaching Professor and theLomonosov Moscow State University).tant Teaching Professor. She teaches& Inclusion, and Labor Relations & Collective Director of Study Abroad for the TrulaskeDr. Jakubovskis is an Associate Teachingundergraduate courses in OrganizationalBargaining. He has received faculty awards College of Business. She is the Chair of theProfessor. He conducts research andBehavior, Human Resource Management,for teaching, advising and service, including Campus Writing Program, serves on thehas been published in the areas of facilityand Principles of Management. She hasthe prestigious Kemper Fellow Award. He is STAR committee, sits on the advisory boards for Fraternity &location and production optimization. He is the program admin- also taught Organizational Behavior courses for the Crosby MBAalso an industry consultant specializing in leadership, organizational Sorority Life & Disability Center, and serves as a Faculty Mentoristrator for the Trulaske College of Business Global Supply Chainand execMBA programs. development and strategy. to a Faculty Enrichment Program fellow.Management certificate. Dr. Jakubovskis is a Certified Global Business Professional.22 MANAGEMENT MATTERSMANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT 2023 ANNUAL REPORT 23'