b'MEET OUR FACULTYRESEARCH FACULTYJoelAndrus(PhD,StrategicManage- Richard Johnson (PhD, Management, TexasChris Robert (Ph.D., University of Illinois;One of the best things about researchingment, Texas A&M University; M.S., CivilA&M University; B.S., Geology, UniversityM.A. University of Illinois; B.A. Universityat Trulaske/Mizzou is feeling supportedand Environmental Engineering, Brighamof Miami) Dr. Johnson is a Professor ofof Vermont). Dr. Robert is an Associate Young University; B.S., Applied Physics,Management teaching strategy and entre- Professor and was named the Pinkney C.to take the risks necessary for digging into Brigham Young University). Dr. Andrus ispreneurship. His research interests includeWalker Professor of Teaching Excellence inbig, messy, complex business phenomena, an Assistant Professor teaching strategy.corporate restructuring and governance2019. He served as the interim dean of thelike industries converging through Hisresearchtopicsincludecorporate(both domestic and international). He hascollege from December 2021 to July 2023, governance, entrepreneurship and sustain- received several research and teachingand has recently returned to his faculty role.technological change.ability. His work has been published in topawards. His publications appear in theHis research examines humor at work, as wellStephen Downing journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, StrategicAcademy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal,as cross-cultural management, workplace conflict, and work groups Management Journal, and the Academy of Management Annals.and Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, amongand teams. His research has appeared in publications including Assistant Professor of ManagementHis current work addresses gender equity in crowdfunding,others. He currently serves on the editorial review boards of Orga- Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, and Journal innovation,executivelabormarkets,andentrepreneurship.nization Science and the Journal of Management and has served onof Management, among others. He is the editor of the book The the Academy of Management Journal editorial review board.Psychology of Humor at Work (2017, Psychology Press).John Arnold (Ph.D.: Florida State University,Doug Moesel (PhD, Texas A&M Univer- Anthony Ross (Ph.D. and MBA, IndianaXinran (Joyce) Wang (Ph.D., Strategy and 2020; MBA: The University of Georgia; Mastersity; MS, Oklahoma State University; BS,University- Bloomington; B.A. OLLU). Dr.Organizations (minor in Econometrics and of Divinity: Asbury Theological Seminary;Oklahoma State University). Dr. Moesel isRoss joined the Trulaske College in 2019 asStatistics), University of Tennessee; Post-Bachelor of Arts: Auburn University). Dr.an Associate Professor, his teaching andthe Leggett &Platt Missouri Distinguishedgraduate studies in Strategy, Hong Kong Arnold is an Assistant Professor, his primaryresearch interests include strategic manage- Professor of Supply Chain Management. HeBaptist University; M. Phil., Management research interests focus on human resourcesment, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Hiscurrently serves as the Management Depart- Science and Strategy, Lanzhou Univer-staffing. His research has been published inresearch has been published in several jour- ment Chairperson and Associate Dean ofsity; B.A MEDIA., Finance & Accounting, Zhejiang the Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnelnals including the Academy of ManagementResearch. His research examines perfor- APPEARANCESGongshang University). Dr. Wangs research Psychology, and the Annual Review of Orga- Journal, Strategic Management Journal, andmance within buyer-supplier relationships,takes a behavioral and cognitive approach nizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, among others.Journal of Business Venturing, among others.modeling and design of distribution networks/systems, inventoryto examining firms socially irresponsible actions, negative social It also has been featured in the Harvard Business Review and wonmanagement, and 20 staff scheduling in service systems such asevaluations, and impression management strategies. Her work has the Best Paper award for the Human Resources Division at the 2018hospitals. His research has appeared in the Journal of Operationsbeen published in management outlets including the Academy of Academy of Management. Management, Decision Sciences Journal, and Journal of BusinessManagement Review. She has won several awards, including the Logistics, among others. Dr. Ross serves as national secretary of theStrategic Management Societys Best Paper award and the Oxford prestigious Decision Sciences Institute and is an Associate Editor forUniversity Centre for Corporate Reputations Best Dissertation award. Decision Sciences Journal. Stephen Downing (Ph.D.National ChiaoAnn Peng (Ph.D. Organizational BehaviorDECISION SCIENCESB.B.A. Management,12. MANAGEMENTJohn Schaubroeck (Ph.D. OrganizationalThe strong research culture in this Tung University, 2020; M.B.A.Nationaland Human Resource Management, MichiganNATIONALSTITUTEINBehavior and Human Resource Management, Chiao Tung University; B.A.Tulane Univer- State University; M.Phil Management, LingnanVICE-PRESIDENT, department attracts strong faculty and Purdue University; sity). Dr. Downing is an Assistant Professor inUniversity of Hong Kong; B.A. Psychology,DECISION SCIENCESdoctoral students and adds to a very healthy Western Illinois University). Dr. SchaubroeckSTUDENTS ARE the management department. His researchBeijing Normal University). Dr. Peng is anINSTITUTEstudies how organizations understand andAssociate Professor, and the Raymond W.is a Professor of Management and the Hibbsintellectual environmNDER-ll.Chair. Professor. He oversees the depart- Uent overaREPRESENTEDengage with their competitive environment.Lansford Distinguished Professor of Lead- ments doctoral program and its PromotionMINORITIESJohn M. Schaubroeck His work has been published in managementership. Her research interests include lead- and Tenure Committee, additionally he chairs Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. Chair of Managementoutlets, including the Academy of Manage- ership, emotions, and performance. She hasthe Trulaske Research Excellence Committee. ment Journal. Before pursuing his doctoral degree, he co-foundedpublished research in the Academy of Management Journal, JournalHis expertise includes psychological processes in leader-follower a business-to-business software-as-a-service startup in Taiwan forof Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Deci- relationships, leadership development, negotiation, and employee small- and medium-sized service enterprises. sion Processes, and Personnel Psychology, among others. Dr. Pengstress andA ll-being. He has published over 75 refereed journal N we IONAL Tis an Action Editor at the Journal of Leadership and Organizationalarticles and several book chapters. He currently sits on the editorial Studies, and she serves on the editorial boards of the Academy ofVICE-PRESIDENT,boards of the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied DECISION SCIENCES Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, PersonnelPsychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Organizational INSTITUTEPsychology, and Journal of Organizational Behavior.Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Personnel Psychology, Research in Human Resource Management, and Research in Occu-pational Stress and Well-Being. He is a Senior Editor of the Journal 20 MANAGEMENT MATTERS8.921of Leadership and Organizational Studies.Denotes first-generation learner %MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT 2023 ANNUAL REPORT174,000 5 $14.9%FACULTY RESEARCHCITATIONS, INCREASE OF 8.9% YOY(ABOUT1 / )5'