b'LETTER FROM THE CHAIRMay 2022 June 2023MANAGEMENT BY THE NUMBERSWelcome to the Department of ManagementOur research faculty continue pushing the bound-in the Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business.aries of theory and practice in disseminating their This is the third edition of our annual report for thework. Over the last five-year period, our manage- RY &department.The Management Department deliversment research volume (number of top-tier journalS T C Oa boundary-spanning, transformative educationalpublications) ranks among the top 61 US BusinessD U Mexperience in Human Resource Management/ schools. When controlling for our small departmentN MOrganizational Behavior, Strategic Leadership andsize relative to other schools, we rank among the topI UPlanning, Entrepreneurship, Global Supply Chain51 schools. Dr. Ann Peng examines the importance ofP NRManagement, and Global Business. Our supplydeveloping leadership capabilities among a broaderE IS Tchain management and global business curriculaE Y N SA Nare offered jointly with the industrial engineering We continuously seek toTTIOAnthony Ross and marketing departments, respectively. In thisFACULTY demonstrate our public value as a spirit, we seek to work across the Trulaske CollegeTEACHING and the Mizzou campus to collaboratively identifyresearch enterprise and to become EXCELLENCE As you willand support boundary-spanning practices. We areFOUR $ AWARDS a destination for students and committed to catching every student where they industry partners. We are thrilled by discover inare and making them workforce ready. 135,000the current and emerging prospects As you will discover in this edition of Manage- VOLUNTEER this edition ofment Matters, the academic year 2022-2023 wasfor the department. INCOME TAXManagementanother productive year for the department. Ourset of corporate employees. Dr. Joyce Wang exam- ENDOWEDMatters, theindustry engagement, teaching, research, andines the various communication modalities CEOsPROFESSORSHIPS ACADEMIC ASSISTANCE academic yearservice continue championing student success,use, the impact on corporate acquisitions, and the(VITA) GRANT AWARDEDglobal engagement, research excellence, expe- strategic importance of managing such communi- JOURNAL2022-2023riential learning, and faculty success consistentcations during acquisitions and IPOs.was anotherwith our college priorities and in service to alumniPUBLICATIONSand donors. On the industry engagement front,We continuously seek to demonstrate our public productivewe offered programming to support MU Exten- value as a research enterprise and to becomeDOCTORALNINEyear for thesions industry-driven education with non-credita destination for students and industry partners. We department. workforce training via the Career Accelerator. Theare thrilled by the current and emerging prospectsFACULTY1 STUDENTMEDIA MID-CAREER department also hosted a leadership developmentfor the department.workshop for Honeywell Kansas City. Other areas ofFinally, this year our department mourned the outreach include the work of Professor Tonya Ford,passing of Dr. Art Jago, a long-serving, retiredRESEARCHwho champions our efforts to teach managementTrulaske colleague. Dr. Jago remained involved withAWARDconsulting through live clients for our students;the campus and Columbia community for manySERVICEAssociate Teaching Professor Scott Christiansonyears long after retiring from his faculty position.AWARD MENTIONS RESEARCH delivered content through Mizzou Extensions OsherHis passion and engagement will be missed. AWARDcontinuing education program. He also now leads our Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CEI).M-I-Z 61 OF MANAGEMENT DOCTORAL His work is already deepening those efforts locally, and as far away as South Africas University of theAnthony D. Ross, Sr.JOURNAL STUDENTS ARE1 STUDENT Western Cape. ETHNICChairperson, Management Department &MINORITIES TEACHINGLeggett & Platt Missouri Distinguished Professor EDITORIAL AWARDACTIVITIES2 MANAGEMENT MATTERSMANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT 2023 ANNUAL REPORT 310%'