b'SHOW ME: MASTERS PROGRAMS OFFERED AT TRULASKESome students want to further their business educations before starting a full-time career. Trulaske offers a variety of graduate programs to help students further hone their skills and knowledge, including an accelerated MBA program. ACCELERATED CROSBY MBA PROGRAM Students apply to the Accelerated Crosby MBA program during their junior year in order to begin MBA coursework during their senior year, completing the MBA with only one additional year of full-time study beyond the undergraduate degree. Students gain a deeper knowledge of business fundamentals through the graduate-level curriculum and select one graduate certificate, allowing them to customize the degree to their career interests. OTHER GRADUATE PROGRAMS CROSBY MBA (ONLINE) MASTER OF ACCOUNTANCY Crosby MBA students engage in real- (ONLINE OR ON-CAMPUS)world problem solving within an MBAHoused within the colleges top-curriculum that combines a solidranked School of Accountancy, the business foundation with coursesmaster of accountancy connects designed to develop integralstudents to outstanding faculty and professional skills. high demand fields.MASTER OF SCIENCE INMASTER OF SCIENCE IN FINANCE BUSINESS (ONLINE) (ONLINE)Trulaskes unique master of science inOur master of science in finance business is a customizabledegree is designed for students who interdisciplinary program, allowingwant to enhance their analytical and students to craft a business degree tofinancial decision-making skills, while suit their unique educational needsgrowing their knowledge of key topics and career goals. Students take 12in securities analysis, portfolio core graduate business hours andmanagement, data analysis, financial select two graduate certificates frommodeling and more.colleges throughout Mizzou.LEARN MORE:BUSINESS.MISSOURI.EDU/GPO18'