b'SHOW ME: TRULASKES CENTERS FOCUSINGON ENTREPRENEURSHIP, INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND SALESThe Trulaske College of Business houses three centers, allowing specialization in these unique areas to the benefit of both students and industry.CENTER FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATIONFocuses on developing and supporting student entrepreneurs at Mizzou, providing hands-on learning opportunities, leveraging emerging technologies in business and giving students the opportunity to work with collaborators from around the globe.CENTER FOR SALES ANDCUSTOMER DEVELOPMENTProvides interactive forums for collaboration with the professional sales and business communities to facilitate innovation, understanding, and education in sales and customer development topics.MU INTERNATIONAL TRADE CENTERGives students the opportunity to use leading market research databases to conduct customized research to meet the needs of industry, allowing businesses to strategically enter new markets and expand in the global marketplace.LEARN MORE: 16 BUSINESS.MISSOURI.EDU/CENTERS16'