b'MARKETINGTrulaskes BS BA degree with an emphasis in marketing provides students with an in-depth knowledge of the tools, concepts and practice of modern marketing, preparing them for a career in marketing, sales or distribution. The program focuses on activities that direct the flow of goods and services to the consumer or user, as well as on creating and managing customers. RECENT GRADUATE DATA MEDIAN SALARY TYPICAL CAREERS SAMPLE COURSES$50,000 Brand Manager Artificial Intelligence Chief Marketing Officer and Machine Learning: TOP EMPLOYERSApplications in Sales Distribution Manager and MarketingAbstrakt MarketingMarket Researcher Consumer BehaviorGroup AT&TSales Manager Marketing ManagementGeneral MillsSocial Media Manager Marketing ResearchHershey CompanyPersonal Selling: Cost and Managerial Procter & Gamble AccountingCERTIFICATESDigital Marketing LEARN MORE:Marketing AnalyticsBUSINESS.MISSOURI.EDU/MARKETING-EMPHASIS Sales and Customer Development10'