b'SHOW ME: HOW STUDENTS PURSUE A MINOR INBUSINESS, ACCOUNTANCY OR ENTREPRENEURSHIP MINORS OFFERED AT TRULASKE FOR ALL STUDENTSEntrepreneurship and Innovation ManagementStudents pursuing a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation management value problem-solving, hard work and self-sufficiency. The required coursework focuses on cultivating creativity, identifying opportunities for innovation and the skills needed to manage a new organization. For requirements, visitBUSINESS.MISSOURI.EDU/ENTREPRENEURSHIP-MINORFOR NON-BUSINESS STUDENTSAccountancyBusiness Trulaskes accounting minor helpsThe business minor at Trulaske is non-business students bring andesigned to help students pursue a accounting mindset to their futuremore dynamic educational experience careers, providing them with abeyond their chosen major. The foundational knowledge ofbusiness minor has the same rigor and accounting that will help themcontent as the fundamental courses make decisions regardingtaken by business majors, yet operating, investing and financialpreserves flexibility in the students activities. studies.For requirements, visitFor requirements, visit BUSINESS.MISSOURI.EDU/ BUSINESS.MISSOURI.EDU/ ACCOUNTANCY-MINOR BUSINESS-MINOR1717'