Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Diverse Student Association

Who We Are:

We are an organization in the Trulaske College of Business focused on promoting the importance of diversity and inclusiveness. Our purpose is to create successful and effective leaders in a globally diverse business world by educating and encouraging the involvement of the college's students, faculty, and staff in the exploration of diversity concepts. In order to accomplish this purpose, our main focus as an organization, is organizing events including The Bottom Line Case for Diversity Conference, Women in Business Panel and Truluske Diversity Day.


We are a diverse group of Trulaske College of Business students from a wide range of backgrounds with a variety of interests. Any Truslake student can get involved with our organization. If you have an interest in event planning, learning about different cultures, meeting new people and value the differences that make each of us uniquely valuable in any business setting – then the Diverse Student Association is for you!