The Student Angel Capital Program (SACP) is a cross-disciplinary, student-managed angel investment fund that allows undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Missouri the opportunity to learn angel and venture capital investment strategies through the first-hand experience of investing in high-growth Missouri start-up companies.

Program Purpose:

Numerous courses, programs, and student groups exist to teach students how to become entrepreneurs. Until the creation of the SACP in 2010, however, no groups existed at the University of Missouri that taught students about angel investing -- the art of investing in entrepreneurs and early-stage business ventures.

The SACP leverages the following significant resources to teach students about angel investing:

Class Structure:

The SACP class is cross-disciplinary, consisting of fifteen students with various academic backgrounds including business, engineering, law, science, and agricultural economics. Students learn about angel investment strategies through a balance of case studies, book discussions, and deal flow from actual companies seeking capital. The fund seeks to invest in high-growth start-up companies by cultivating deal flow, performing pre-screening duties, completing due diligence, and structuring investment contracts. After an equity position is taken, the fund will monitor portfolio holdings and harvest investments.

Contact Information:

W.D. Allen
Assistant Professor of Finance

SACP Faculty Advisor
Phone: (573) 882-5759
E-Mail: allenwd@missouri.edu

Katie Chitwood
Co-Managing Director
(660) 888-1422

John Field
Co-Managing Director
(314) 578-9816

Student Angel Capital Program - University of Missouri - http://business.missouri.edu/sacp