Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Other Requirements and Evaluative Components

 Annual Reviews of Satisfactory Performance and Progress

Every marketing doctoral student will compile a Portfolio of Academic Progress, adding to it and updating it each semester. Each student's progress is reviewed by the faculty annually at the end of the spring semester. First-year students will also be evaluated at the end of the fall semester. At the discretion of the student's program committee and the doctoral coordinator, additional intermediate reviews may be conducted at the end of the fall semester or at other points in time. Failure to attain satisfactory performance and progress will lead to probation in accord with MU Graduate School guidelines.

Research and Teaching Assistant Assignments

Assistantships are contingent on satisfactory performance in the doctoral program. During the fall and spring semesters of the first two years in the doctoral program, students will be assigned as research assistants to assist faculty member with their research (20 hours per week, typically 10 hours per week for two faculty members). In the third and fourth years of the program, students are given responsibility for classroom teaching in preparation for their future roles as marketing professors. The typical teaching assignment is one undergraduate course in both the fall and spring semesters.

In accordance with university policy, all international students must achieve Level 4 on an oral language proficiency screening prior to classroom teaching. Level 4 must be achieved by the end of the student's second year in the program. Failure to do so impedes the potential for a teaching assistantship and is grounds for dismissal. 

Qualifying Examination and First-Year Project

Every marketing doctoral student is required to pass the qualifying exam consisting of two major components. The first component is a comprehensive evaluation of overall performance in coursework and RA assignments and participation in formal and informal doctoral program elements. The second component is a first-year project addressing a scholarly research topic in marketing consisting of three major parts: a written outline, presentation, and paper suitable for submission to a conference or journal. The goal of this project is to promote early research engagement, interaction with faculty, and the development of communication and presentation skills that will enhance the overall experience of the student throughout the doctoral program. 

Ongoing Research and Scholarship

Students are expected to keep abreast of current developments in marketing by reading marketing journals and conference proceedings. They are also expected to pursue their own research projects in conjunction with faculty, other doctoral students, or independently. Presentation of scholarly research at national conferences and/or preparation of articles for publication in marketing journals are expected. Research funds are available to cover some of the expenses of these research projects. 

Comprehensive Examination

Every marketing doctoral student must pass the comprehensive examination following the completion of required marketing coursework. The examination consists of an original integrative research paper developed by the student and a review of research papers and exams completed for all marketing doctoral seminars. Typically, the comprehensive examination is taken after the first two full years of course work. 

Dissertation Proposal Defense and Dissertation Defense

A dissertation is required to complete the doctoral program. Each student, working under the supervision of the doctoral program committee chair, must propose an original scholarly research project. The dissertation proposal is normally defended at the end of the third year of the program in an oral presentation. The proposal must be approved formally by the student's program committee. Following completion of the research, the written dissertation must be orally defended and approved by the student's program committee.