Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri


Can I make changes to my application after I’ve submitted it?

No. Once you submit your application you cannot make changes to it. However, you can log into the application and upload new or updated documents and make changes as many times as you wish before you submit your application.


Can I receive a waiver of the mandatory application fee?

No. The Office of Graduate Studies does not have a waiver for the application fee, and our department does not have a budget to cover the fee, or even a portion of the fee, for applicants. 


Do you accept part-time students?

No, the program is designed for full-time, on campus, continuous study only. 


How do I select my faculty advisor?

Students are not accepted by a recruiting faculty member in our program.  Students select their advisor, by mutual consent, from faculty members in their focus area by the end of their first year; you will learn about faculty members and their research through courses, weekly seminars and by participating in professional activities.  Until you select an advisor, the Ph.D. coordinator for your area will be your temporary advisor.


What is the minimum GRE or GMAT score I need?

GMAT is generally preferred over the GRE, however, either is acceptable. There is no minimum score for either test, however, typically successful candidates have very strong scores.