Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri


Year One


Bus_Ad 1500: Professional Development

This course will provide students the opportunity to learn how to be successful in the Trulaske College of Business (TCoB) as they prepare for a career in business. Students will be led through an exploration of both the opportunities in our college as well as their personal strengths. Further, students will learn competencies that are necessary for both academic and professional success.

Acctcy 2026

An introduction to the field of accounting, this course covers the fundamentals of financial accounting. Business students at UMC must have advisor's approval. Credit may not be earned for both Accountancy [ACCTCY] 2026 and 2036. 

Acctcy 2258: Computer-Based Data Systems

An introduction of the computer as a tool that can assist in the efficient operation of a business. Skills developed include electronic information retrieval, information analysis using a spreadsheet, what-if analysis, macro development, and information presentation. In addition, computer components, data storage, networks and information technology will be discussed.

Mrktng 3000: Principles of Marketing

Institutions, processes and problems involved in producing and transferring goods and services from producer to consumers; emphasis on economics and social aspects.

Mangmt 3000: Principles of Management

An introduction to the field of management and provides a foundation for further study. Management principles blend art and science, deal with people and technology, apply to individuals and teams, and include theories and practical applications. These principles are fundamental to the organization of business, society and all aspects of human life.



Bus_Ad 2500: Introduction to Professional Development in Business

Introduction to Professional Development in Business, will provide students the opportunity to learn about professional interpersonal dynamics - understanding and working with others. Students will learn skills imperative to forming and nurturing professional relationships and will have the opportunity to practice these skills via field experience. Throughout the course, students will continue to develop the professional competencies necessary for career success. This course is offered as a component of the college's unique Professional Development Program. Graded on A-F basis only.

Acctcy 2027: Accounting II

This course covers the fundamentals of managerial accounting and additional topics in financial accounting.

Mrktng 4220: Consumer Behavior

Dimensions of the consumer market and decision-making process of consumers; analyzing economic, psychological and socio-psychological influences on consumer market and buying behavior.

Mangmt 4020: Human Resource Management

Introduction to strategies and best practices in attracting, retaining, developing and compensating employees.

Mangmt 3300: Introduction to Business Processes and Technologies

This course focuses on how technology supports business strategies and processes in both large and small enterprises. Students will gain both a fundamental understanding of the wide range of technologies used in business today and a solid set of practical skills that students will use in future coursework and in their professional lives.



Financ 3000: Corporate Finance

The course introduces the basic theoretical concepts in corporate finance and their application to corporate financing and investment decisions. Topics include the analysis of financial statements, the time value of money, capital budgeting, and the valuation of stocks and bonds.

Mangmt 4010: Operations Management

Managerial analysis of operating problems, with emphasis on planning and control systems. Math reasoning proficiency course.


Year Two


Mangmt 4030: Organizational Behavior

Survey in organizational behavior and management designed for upper level students with little or no previous exposure to the field. Drawing on theory and research in several disciplines, the course focuses on: (1) individual behavior in organizations, (2) group behavior in organizations, (3) leadership and managerial decision making, (4) organizational change and development.

Bus_Ad 3500:  Professional Development

This course is offered as a component of the college’s unique Professional Development Program and provides an opportunity to understand and learn how to develop important professional competencies for successful careers in business. Professional development experiences provide students (and working professionals) with the opportunity to develop and use professional competencies that are needed to perform successfully in a professional job. Professional competencies are the set of skills and behaviors that influence success in business and industry.

Mangmt 3200: Business & Society

This course will stimulate thinking on current and past business and society cases and will emphasize the ethical implications of managerial decisions. Some of the topics covered in this course may include corporate governance, governmental regulations, the rights and obligations of employees and employers, technology and privacy in the workplace, issues related to corporate social responsibility, and diversity in the workplace. Supplemented by both practical and conceptual knowledge of managerial ethics, this course will help you develop many abilities needed for a lifelong career in business.

Financ 4500: Principles of Real Estate

Principal factors include land use, practices in real estate business. Development of broad understanding of real estate including, but not limited to, finance, valuation, brokerage, management, mortgage banking and investment.

Mrktng 4000: Marketing Management

This course focuses on marketing decisions and the implementation of marketing programs for the achievement of strategic objectives. This course is designed to help you develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to address marketing related problems in a real world environment. We will examine how marketing strategies can contribute to the creation of sustainable competitive advantages



Financ 4630: Introduction to Risk Management & Insurance

This course provides an outline of basic risk management and insurance principles and techniques, including identifying, assessing and controlling risks; plus key elements of personal and commercial insurance.  Studies have shown that organizations that manage risk well are more likely to be successful than those that do not.  Effective risk management requires a solid understanding of the sources, dimensions and qualities of risk as well as the development and implementation of effective techniques, including insurance, to respond to risks.

Mangmt 4970: Strategic Management

The course provides a broad, strategic perspective of the business enterprise in all its complexity, including historical and environmental influences on the business, formulation and implementation strategies, organizational fit and performance, and strategic recommendations and their implementation.  In the course, you will learn a set of tools and a way of thinking about strategic management that can be applied to large corporations, medium-sized companies and small businesses, as well as by investors and consultants.  You can use what you learn to help companies create competitive advantage and superior shareholder value.

Mangmt 3540: Introduction to Business Law

The legal aspects of business related to society – introduction to the legal system; constitutional, criminal, tort law; contracts and sales law cases and problems; administrative regulation of business and consumer issues.

Mangmt 4140: Business Communication

Students will learn the fundamental of business communication, including oral communication skills, listening skills, multicultural communication skills, and teamwork skills.  The course will primarily focus on written communication skills as a critical method of communicating with customers, employees, supplies, and other important stakeholders.  You must receive a C- or better (70+ percent of earned points) in the course to receive writing intensive (WI) credit.




Bus_Ad 4500: Internship

This course prepares students to experience the world of business through an internship while having a seasoned professional as a job coach. Our goal is to help you grow in your professionalism, reflect on your internship experience and prepare for your future choices.  Your final grade must be equal to or greater than 70 percent to pass the course.