Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Study Abroad

The MS in Finance program includes an optional international study abroad experience that is available each summer.  While this is optional, the expenses of the trip are factored into the total cost of the program regardless of the student going on the trip or not.   

The program has a 2-course component specifically focusing on international finance, and the study-abroad experience is part of that component. 

  • FINANC 8010 Multicultural and Global Finance Study Abroad
  • FINANC 8012 International Financial Markets

Both of these courses coordinate to enhance the study abroad experience. The experience involves travel for one week during the summer session to a selected international location and features activities such as

  • visits to business and government organizations
  • classes taught by professors from a host-country university
  • cultural experiences in the host country

The MS Finance program covers travel and lodging expenses for all MS Finance students (with some limitations, see note 1).

Certain circumstances might arise, however, that prevent a student from traveling to a location within the duration of the student’s program. In that case, the student may contact the Director of the MS in Finance program to allow the student to enroll in FINANCE 8010/12 and substitute an appropriate research project in place of the study abroad experience.


(Note 1) The MS Finance program supports the international experience by covering the following costs: the price of an economy-class airline ticket from the country of the student’s residence to the site location to a maximum of $2,000; cost of shared-occupancy lodging in the host country; program travel within the host country; and certain group meals during the program. Any additional costs of the airline ticket, travel to the location, single-occupancy lodging, and other expenses are the responsibility of the student.