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International Residency

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We'll show you global.

Amplify global expertise (and your value in the marketplace) with a nine-day international residency. Join classmates for several days each in two European cities, in different countries with different cultures. During the residency, you’ll meet with local executives and develop business solutions for multinational corporations.

The global residency is the culmination of the International Business course and focuses on contextual intelligence. While the course itself covers a diverse range of countries, including BRIC, the residency functions as a case study. It offers students access to several significant markets and economies – we maximize time by splitting the residency between two or more locations within Europe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the international residency?

The international residency is a nine-day immersion in a foreign culture and its business practices. It serves as an opportunity to apply classroom education to an international setting.

When and where will the international residency be held?

The international residency will take place during the summer semester in between the two years of coursework. For the class of 2018, the international residency takes place during the summer of 2017. The location for the class of 2018’s residency will be Munich and Prague.

What activities are planned for the residency?

Students will consult with businesses on strategic issues, network with multinational businesses and government officials, and explore unique culture. Students will return with an international perspective that unites their work experience and classroom instruction in a meaningful way.

How much does the international residency cost?

The costs of the residency, including transportation, lodging and some meals, are included in the program tuition.

Is the international residency experience required?

Yes. The international residency ties together key class concepts and provides a unique international experience. This is the longest residency and give candidates the opportunity to network extensively with their peers, faculty members, and the Dean.


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