Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Marketing Analytics

Today’s companies are often “data rich and information poor.” This is especially true of databases that can inform marketing strategies, tasks, and decisions. The goal of the new Marketing Analytics Certification is to provide Crosby MBA students with predictive data-modeling and data-mining tools that will enable them to exploit databases relevant to marketing decisions.

Read about the bright career prospects for Marketing Analytics Certificate Holders and then listen to an overview of what you can do with the certificate on our Youtube channel. You can also hear from an alumna who works in the field and from another alumna on why she choose the Marketing Analytics Certificate when she was a student in the program. We also bring in trainers for Tableau so that students can be prepared to take the Tableau certification and have the skills that employers are desiring. 

Program Objective

To help students acquire the knowledge and skills needed for positions in the fast-growing area of marketing analytics. The curriculum focuses on the development, implementation, and delivery of data-driven analytical solutions that assist in marketing strategies, tasks, and decisions.

Marketing Databases

Databases that are relevant to the marketing function involve many different units of analysis, e.g.:

  • Customers (current and prospective)
  • Transactions
  • Sales agents/distributors
  • Sales territories/accounts
  • Retail stores
  • Products (i.e., SKUs)

Role of Marketing Analytics

Data-driven solutions in areas such as:

  • Customer acquisition/retention/ recapture
  • Customer classification, segmentation, and profiling
  • Customer relationship
  • management (CRM)
  • Customer lifetime value analysis
  • Category management
  • Market basket analysis
  • Media allocation decisions
  • Pricing
  • Sales forecasting
  • Targeting, cross-selling, and
  • up-selling
  • Fraud detection

Prospective Employers

  • Financial services firms
  • Internet marketers
  • Chain stores
  • Catalog marketers
  • Airlines, telecom, utilities
  • All firms with customer loyalty programs
  • Consumer product goods
  • Pharmaceuticals, health care
  • Charities and other non-profits
  • Analytics service providers
  • Market research and business consulting firms

Curriculum Details