Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

MAcc Application Information

The School of Accountancy is NOT currently accepting any applications for admission to the MAcc-only program, as we are at full capacity.

Most students in the MAcc program are students who have matriculated through the undergraduate portion of our 150-hour program. We occasionally admit a few highly-qualified students from other universities or disciplines to the MAcc portion of the 150-hour program. The minimum requirements to be considered for admission to the MAcc program are discussed under the Admission link.

All applicants (including international students) to the MAcc portion of the 150-hour program in the School of Accountancy must complete an on-line Graduate Application for Admission form. Please go to the Graduate Application for Admission link on this page to access this on-line application. To be complete, all applications for admission must include the proper application fee. There is no separate School of Accountancy application. Note that all transcripts, mark sheets, and test scores are to be sent directly to the Graduate School. In regard to test scores, the school requires each applicant to submit a GMAT score and each applicant whose native language is not English to submit a TOEFL score. In the Supplemental Information section of the online Graduate Application for Admission, each applicant to the MAcc program must include a Statement of Objectives (no more than 500 words) that explains his or her goals in pursuing graduate education in accounting, plans for future accounting employment, and any other information which may be helpful in our admission decision. Please see the Supplemental Information section for directions on how to upload your Statement of Objectives into this section of the on-line Graduate Application for Admission form.  Each applicant must also submit two letters of recommendation.

To get to the online Graduate Application for Admission form, go to the MU Graduate School Home Page. Then, click on Apply to Graduate School at MU. Finally, click on Online Application to get to the online Graduate Application for Admission. When you apply, be sure to upload your Statement of Objectives into your online application. Send your recommendation letters directly to the name and address below (electronic recommendation letters will not be accepted). Additional information about the MU Graduate School is available on its home page.

For further information, contact:

Koni Daws, Director of 150-Hour & MAcc Programs
303E Cornell Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 882-8633