Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri
Cornell Hall.


Accountancy prepares students for the competitive field of accounting with a combination of classroom study, practical experience, and student organizations, all in a degree that is nationally recognized for excellence. The bachelor of science and master’s of accountancy degree programs are merged into an integrated 150-hour curriculum to be entered into as a junior. A limited number of students may also be accepted into the MAcc program. 

By the numbers

Here's a look at School of Accountancy enrollment over the last few years:


Total Enrollment

2011 369
2012 393
2013 402
2014 426
2015 420








The School of Accountancy places these students in competitive positions at an impressive rate, too. 



Domestic Student Placement

Overall Placement
2011-2012 120 95.7 percent 94 percent
2012-2013 137 99.2 percent 95.6 percent
2013-2014 119 96.3 percent 93.1 percent
2014-2015 146 96.3 percent 94.4 percent
2015-2016 126 97.4 percent 95.9 percent