Economics Emphasis

Do you follow international and national finance news? Do you appreciate when numbers tell a story and inform decisions? Then a degree in economics is for you. The tools you’ll learn in this emphasis will help you make decisions in areas such as investment, optimal product mixes, budget allocations, locations and competitive strategies, in addition to training in internal and external forecasting.

Students at Mizzou use mathematical models to capture the essential features of complex processes and test the validity of these models against economic data. Equipped with analytical skills and techniques, economics graduates move on to careers in industrial, commercial and financial organizations, as well as governmental units and agencies.

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Typical Economics Careers

Actuary, economist, market research analyst, financial planner, insurance claims examiner, compensation analyst, market research analyst, retail buyer, advertising copywriter, management consultant, business administrator, insurance claims examiner

Sample Course Sequence

For BS BA with an Emphasis in Economics (for students starting Summer 2021)   Students can complete coursework in any number of combinations and suggested sequences will vary depending on your start date (degree requirements may change from year-to-year). Consult with your academic advisor to select courses in an appropriate sequence.
First Semester Credit Hours Second Semester Credit Hours
Math 1100 (College Algebra) 3 Math 1400 (Calculus) 3
State Requirement 3 Economics 1014 (Microeconomics) 3
Humanity 3 English 1000 3
Biological or Physical Science with Lab 3 Humanity 3
Elective 1 Elective 3
BA 1500 2    
Total 15 Total 15


Third Semester Credit Hours Fourth Semester Credit Hours
Accounting 2036 3 Accounting 2037 3
Economics 1015 (Macroeconomics) 3 Statistics 2500 3
Math 1300 (Finite) 3 Accounting 2258 3
Humanity Writing Intensive 3 Management 3000W 3
Elective 2 Elective 3
BA 2500 2    
Total 16 Total 15


Fifth Semester Credit Hours Sixth Semester Credit Hours
Marketing 3000 3 Economics 4351 3
Economics 3229 3 Finance 3000 3
Management 3300 3 Management 3540 3
Statistics 3500 3 Emphasis Support 3
BA 3500 2 Elective 3
Total 14 Total 15


Seventh Semester Credit Hours Eighth Semester Credit Hours
Economics 4353 3 Management 4970 3
Additional Economics Course 3 Additional Economics Course 3
Additional Economics Course 3 Additional Economics Course or Emphasis Support 3
Emphasis Support 3 Emphasis Support 3
BA 4500 (Internship) 3 Emphasis Support 3
Total 15 Total 15