About Us


The Smith Institute is an asset to the real estate industry. Receiving a degree with an emphasis in real estate will give MU graduates credibility in a growing and changing field. The student interns who have worked for me demonstrated great initiative and curiosity as well as a solid understanding of real estate principles. I know I will continue to look to this program for new additions to my company.

- R. Otto Maly (BA ’78) President Maly Commercial Realty, Inc.

The mission of the Jeffrey E. Smith Institute of Real Estate and Capital Markets is to prepare future leaders in commercial real estate development, management, and related financial services areas by providing world-class educational, research, and professional opportunities for students of the University of Missouri and the professional real estate and financial services community.

The Institute operates within the Department of Finance of the Trulaske College of Business. The director of the Institute is responsible for coordinating the activities and programs of the Institute.

The Institute increases educational opportunities for stakeholders of the Trulaske College of Business by supporting and providing services focusing on careers in real estate and other financial services. The Institute also provides direct support to the existing bachelor of science in business administration (BS BA) degree in finance and banking with emphasis in real estate, and to any future programs or courses at the undergraduate or graduate level that will emphasize real estate and financial services.

In addition, Institute activities will involve the following:

  • Facilitate an annual real estate conference that may be produced in partnership with and sponsored by the Jeffrey E. Smith Companies. This event will include nationally recognized speakers, forums, and research presentations on topics of interest to the commercial real estate industry. Conference attendees will include members of the professional real estate community, mortgage banking professionals, and investment managers. In addition, MU students in the real estate curriculum will have the opportunity to attend and interact with professional real estate managers.
  • Arrange and sponsor speakers from the real estate industry to speak to classes in the real estate curriculum and to deliver MBA seminars.
  • Provide support for Rho Epsilon, the national student professional organization in real estate. The Institute director will coordinate with the faculty advisor and student officers of Rho Epsilon to arrange support for activities such as guest speakers and field trips.
  • Arrange an internship program for students in real estate. The Institute director will oversee an internship program for BS BA and MBA students that will offer opportunities in the commercial real estate industry.
  • Review research proposals and provide financial support for faculty members and graduate students conducting research in the areas of real estate or financial services.

The Institute will utilize an advisory board to provide counsel and active support for its professional and educational programs. The board will operate under the guidance of the director of the Institute.

Financial resources of the Institute will help support its programs and activities, including employment of a director and highly qualified instructors to teach courses within the real estate curriculum, and staff support to coordinate Smith Institute initiatives and programs.