Summer 2020 Update for BA 4500

In the face of COVID-19, students may feel anxious about their courses and futures. Although the future is unsettled, we are optimistic at Trulaske. While some employers have canceled internships, Business Career Services (BCS) is still receiving internship postings. In addition, the Professional EDGE is in regular communication with employers who are approving summer internships. Businesses will resume routine operations in the future and more than ever there will be a need for bright, motivated college students to assist with reinvigorating organizations and meeting challenges. Trulaske students can and do add value to those organizations.

The internship class, BA 4500, is a BS BA degree requirement and cannot be waived. Trulaske faculty and staff have developed alternatives to a traditional internship if a student is not able to secure an internship with an employer this summer.

BA 4500 Options due to COVID-19:

For summer 2020 BA 4500 guidelines will allow for students to work remotely more than 20%.  Adjustments can also be made for internships less than the required 8 weeks and 120 hours.  If an employer limits the internship to less than 8 weeks or fewer than 120 hours, students should include this in the comments section of their BA4500 application.

Faculty are developing a robust course that helps Trulaske students transition from college to full-time work, analyze leadership and organizational changes as a result of global business disruption, understand and develop skills needed to work virtually, and develop job search strategies for a down economy.  This option should be considered only after a thorough internship search.  There is no substitute for work experience- a student’s professional skills and networking skills are best enhanced by internships.

Online Resources

The Professional EDGE, BCS and Academic Advising will help Trulaske students navigate these difficult times. 

  • Business Career Services offers virtual appointments to assist with internship searches. BCS professional staff are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-noon and 1-4 p.m. To schedule a virtual meeting, students should call BCS at 573-882-2565, or email, or access MU Connect and select College of Business-Career Services.
  • The Professional EDGE, Advising and BCS host virtual BA 4500 information sessions throughout April. Students should check the Advising or BCS newsletter for dates, times and login information.   
  • The Professional EDGE will work with students and their internship offers. Questions should be directed to Students may also schedule a virtual appointment with the internship coordinator, Angelique Durk, through MU Connect to discuss specific internship issues. 
  • Students who have an internship should complete the application.

For August and December 2020 graduates who still need to complete BA 4500 requirement this summer

Students who have not secured an internship by Friday, May 15, 2020, should contact the Professional EDGE at with the subject line “August or December grad.”

For May 2021 graduates without internships this summer

Summer internships are often a path to employment after graduation, but they are not the only path.  Students should work with BCS to review remote internships for this summer. Alternatively, students may work with their advisors to set up the course schedule this summer in order to free up time to complete an internship during the academic year.