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Detelina Marinova

Frances Ridge Gay MBA Professor and Professor of Marketing
Cornell Hall
(573) 884-8052

Professor Marinova’s current research interests focus on managing organizational frontlines in sales and service, technology-enabled interactions, analysis of unstructured data, machine learning and healthcare marketing.  Her research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, Marketing Science Institute, and the recipient of the Institute for the Study of Business Markets’ dissertation award. She has published her research in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and Journal of Service Research among others. She serves on the editorial review boards of Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Retailing and Journal of Service Research. Professor Marinova currently teaches marketing management and analytics courses at the undergraduate, MBA and PhD levels and was a recent recipient of several teaching awards, among which are the John A. Riggs, Jr., Excellence in MBA Teaching Award, Vanguard Award for Innovative Teaching and Use of Technology, and Champion of Applied Learning Award in the Crosby MBA program. She serves on the Trulaske College of Business Strategic Development Board and is the faculty advisor for the Trulaske Women in Business student organization.


B.S.B.A., West Virginia Wesleyan College (summa cum laude); M.S.,  University of Cincinnati, 1999; Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 1999.


Book Chapters

Singh, Jagdip, Marinova, Detelina and Brown, Stephen (2012) “Boundary Work and Customer Connectivity in B2B Frontlines,” in Handbook on Business-to-Business Marketing, Gary Lilien and Rajdeep Grewal, Eds, Edward Elgar Publishing (invited chapter).

Journal Articles

Balducci, Bitty and Detelina Marinova, (2018), Unstructured Data in Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, forthcoming.

Singh, Sunil, Detelina Marinova, Jagdip Singh, and Kenneth Evans, (2018) “Customer Query Handling in Sales Interactions.” forthcoming, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

Marinova, Detelina, Sunil Singh and Jagdip Singh (2018), “Frontline Problem-Solving Interactions: A Dynamic Analysis of Verbal and Nonverbal Cues,” forthcoming,  Journal of Marketing Research.

  • Featured in Harvard Business Review, IdeaWatch (January-February 2018) “’Sorry’ is Not Enough.”

Marinova, Detelina, Goutam Challagalla, Ko de Ryuter, Ming-Hui Huang and Matt Meuter (2017), “Getting Smart: Learning from Technology Empowered Frontline Interactions,” Journal of Service Research, Special Issue on Organizational Frontline Research, 20 (1), 29-42.

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Chandrashekaran, Murali, Frederick Russ, Kevin McNeilly, and Detelina Marinova (2000), "From Uncertain Intentions to Actual Behavior - A Threshold Model of 'Whether' and 'When' Salespeople Quit," Journal of Marketing Research, 37 (November), 463-79.

Conference Proceedings

"Patterns of frontline Cognitive and Emotional Work and its Customer Satisfaction Consequences: A Pilot Study," with Sunil Singh and Jagdip Singh, AMA Winter Educators' Conference Proceedings, Tampa, FL. 2012.

"Agency and Trust Mechanisms in Sales Management," with J Singhk, S. Kusari and D. Cohen, in special session on "Agency Challenges in Marketing Partnerships: Design, Relationship, and Selection Solutions," AMA Winter Educators' Conference, Tampa, FL, Feb. 21-23, 2009.

"The Financial Consequences of Service Quality and its Impact on Advertising Effectiveness," AMA Winter Educator's Conference, Tampa, FL, Feb. 21-23, 2009.

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