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#MizzouMade: Through UM Investment Group, Trulaske senior connects with Mizzou alumni on Wall Street

Written by Jonah Leykam, a senior in finance and banking, and vice president of the UM Investment Group

The University of Missouri Investment Group (UMIG) educates, trains and places students from Mizzou in high-finance jobs across the country. The group hosts Wall Street Prep, a prominent training organization among large investment banks, which takes students to New York City and Chicago for professional preparation. Additionally, select students meet professionals in New York, Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis and Los Angeles for professional networking and career opportunities.

The University of Missouri Investment Group trip to New York City was one of the greatest learning experiences that I have encountered as a college student. We visited several prestigious firms on Wall Street and spoke with analysts, associates, managing directors and even partners who are Mizzou alumni. We had the opportunity to meet a partner of the Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Natural Resources Group and a managing director of Bain Capital, a well-known private equity firm. We attended dinners and networking events where we could further get to know Mizzou alumni who are living and working in the Big Apple.

The UM Investment Group has done an excellent job of exposing students to these careers early on, and then giving them the tools they need to succeed by facilitating access to alumni, education and professional trainings. Our corporate trips are incredibly transformative experiences for students who are passionate about finance. The UM Investment Group is making huge progress in helping students jumpstart high-finance careers, and I am so proud to be a part of these exciting developments and one of the leaders of this organization.