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#MizzouMade: ETF firm started by Mizzou alumni makes waves in the investment world

After successful careers with firms such as Goldman Sachs and Ernst & Young, Mizzou alumni Ben Phillips, Jon Clements and Matt Clements teamed up to launch their own family of actively managed exchange-traded funds. Their company, EventShares, offers investment products that capitalize on policy-driven events and themes.

Jon, Matt and Ben specialize in turning global events — such as Brexit, presidential elections and major legislation— into real investment opportunities, offering a U.S. Tax Reform Fund, a Republican Policies Fund and a Democratic Policies Fund. This impressive trio behind EventShares has deep roots in Mizzou business: Ben earned his MBA and BSBA in Finance, Jon received his BSBA in Finance and Matt received his Masters of Accountancy — all from the Trulaske College of Business.

Founded in 2016, EventShares has experienced rapid success: the company and its investment products were nominated for eight finalist positions in the 2017 Awards, including “ETF of the Year” and “Most Innovative ETF Issuer of the Year.” EventShares is also quickly becoming a thought leader in policy-driven investing opportunities, with recent media coverage in Bloomberg, USA TODAY and CNNMoney.

“The Trulaske College of Business alumni network and faculty have been instrumental throughout our educational and professional careers. I don’t think this team would have come together without the Mizzou network. We’re proud to represent Mizzou!” said Ben Phillips.