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Researcher’s 2014 paper wins 2017 Emerald Citation of Excellence

A paper co-authored by Dezhi “Denny” Yin, an assistant professor of management, and research collaborators from the Georgia Institute of Technology was recently selected as an Emerald Citation of Excellence winner for 2017. The paper, “Anxious or angry? Effects of discrete emotions on the perceived helpfulness of online reviews,” was originally published in 2014 in the journal MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems.

The authors provide both experimental and real-world evidence that negative seller reviews containing diverse emotions are not created equal, but rather have differential effects on the perceived usefulness of peer information. Their findings demonstrate the importance of examining discrete emotions in online word-of-mouth, and they carry important practical implications for consumers and online retailers.

Awarded by Emerald Group Publishing, the citation selects papers published in previous years based on innovation, interest across a broad field and timeliness to society.