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Books on Business: Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Lencioni

Professional EDGE
Monday, April 8, 2019 (All day)
EDGE Points: 
EDGE Competency: 
Critical Thinking

The Books on Business series gives students an opportunity to explore perspectives of thought leaders. This series will feature a variety of business titles, with host instructors who are faculty, staff and administrators within the Trulaske College of Business.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team outlines the root causes of politics and dysfunction on the teams where you work, and the keys to overcoming them. Counter to conventional wisdom, the causes of dysfunction are both identifiable and curable. However, they don't die easily. Making a team functional and cohesive requires levels of courage and discipline that many groups cannot seem to muster. (Book concept description from author Patrick Lencoini’s The Table Group company website

Technical notes:  Book materials are provided at no additional cost to students. Participants are expected to read and absorb concepts of the materials and will be required to demonstrate comprehension, as well as work through conceptual activities. Students should plan to dedicate approximately 4-6 hours of hands-on time to complete the entire experience.

Notice: Students who complete the online session assignments/quizzes will not be charged. However, students who access the book materials and do not complete the assignments will be charged $10 to their student account for the cost of the online book access.

Students will have two weeks to complete all portions of this online professional development opportunity. Each individual will work at their own pace. 

Successful completion of this online session will entail earning 80% or more overall, with four (4) key graded elements:

  1.           Quiz #1 for reading comprehension (four short answer questions)
  2.           Article assignment – find and post article per specifications
  3.           Group discussion re. article assignment per specifications
  4.           Quiz #2 for reading comprehension (four short answer questions)


  • 4-6 hours is the expected time commitment for successful completion.
  • 30 EDGE points earned for successful completion.
  • Critical Thinking, Teamwork | Competency/ies addressed in this professional development experience.
  • The Professional Edge office is the organizer for this event. Event check-in, timeline for processing  points and other event details will be as outlined in the PROFESSIONAL EDGE Programming Syllabus (on the Professional Edge webpage, click “EDGE Programming Syllabus” under the Related Links heading).