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Megatrends: Capitalizing on the Next Big Idea

Professional EDGE
Monday, March 12, 2018 (All day)
EDGE Points: 
EDGE Competency: 
Critical Thinking

Calendar date listed is the start date for online experience. Students will have one week (8 a.m. Monday to 11:59 p.m. the following Sunday) to complete required activities via Canvas. 

Successful businesses are able to anticipate market trends. The most successful business leaders drive their organizations to capitalize on those trends before their competitors do. Megatrends are not fads; instead, they are long-term shifts in consumer behavior that have serious potential for global impact. This course will help you conceptualize megatrends and put them to use in your future career. First, you will learn about the drivers of megatrends. Then, with the aid of a simple analytical framework, you will learn to look at trends like a Jeff Bezos, a Steve Jobs or an Elon Musk. At the end of the course, megatrend analysis will inform the way you look at future business ideas and opportunities.

Learning objectives: (1) Students will display critical thinking skills to recognize and analyze megatrends relevant in business today.(2) Students will understand the importance of thinking through ideas and concepts in a structured manner.


  • 15 PDP points earned for successful completion of this online experience
  • 50-75 minutes is the expected time commitment for successful completion.
  • Critical Thinking, Learning Agility | Competency/ies addressed in this professional development experience.
  • Students will have the entire session timeframe to complete the experience. Activities may be completed all in one sitting, or students may choose to pace themselves with breaks between activities. However, session start and end dates are immovable and non-negotiable. All activities, assignments and quizzes must be completed before the session close date and time.
  • The BA/PDP office is the organizer for this event. The timeline for processing PDP points and other event details will be as outlined in the PDP Programming Syllabus

This session takes students beyond the foundational knowledge gained in the BA course series (BA 1500, BA 2500, BA 3500) and helps students prepare for BA 4500 internship course opportunities and the professional world beyond.


Students must meet the requirements for successful completion in order to receive PDP points. Successful completion of this PDP online experience will entail:

  • Working through the handouts, videos and short web-based activities to gain comprehension of the subject matter.
  • Obtain a final score of at least 80% on the final quiz.