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2017 FRI Symposium

Financial Research Institute
Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 7:30am
Reynolds Alumni Center
Business Attire: 

Reimaging Regulation: Designing a Regulatory Paradigm for the 21stCentury.


The Symposium will examine the many issues associated with redesigning state and federal utility regulation to better serve the needs of customers and producers of the 21st century. It will ask the critical question of whether the present regulatory paradigm is adequate to meet current technological, customer, environmental, and market challenges. The Symposium will be built around three panels, with each examining the sufficiency of the current regulatory contract from a different perspective. 

Panel I will explore the tension between federal and state regulation and will seek to identify areas where collaboration is most useful.

Panel II focus will be on rising customer expectations regarding utility service and how regulation must better balance the desire for access with the need for a return to invested capital.  

Panel III will discuss how regulatory processes might innovate and reinvent given the challenges of new technologies, renewables, and the extensive need for infrastructure recapitalization.