Volkan Dogan

PhD Student

Volkan Dogan is a doctoral student in the Depatment of Marketing at the University of Missouri. Although he used to conduct research projects on consumer behavior and social psychology issues during his first Ph.D. journey, he currently does basic research into understanding a wide range of micro-level marketing strategy and sales issues from the perspectives of construal-level theory, self-construal theory, and self-control strength model. He is particularly interested in exposing the boundary conditions of these theories while contributing marketing strategy and sales literature. By achieving these goals, he believe that it is possible to provide managerial implications in which effective marketing and sales management strategies can be developed. He also does research into multivariate statistics and its relationship to data quality and measurement. The methods he uses include experimentation, survey research and qualitative research. Furthermore, he has recently tested main tenets of the construal-level theory by use of EEG analyses.

In his free time, he enjoys dealing with the minor problems of his car, playing soccer and spending time with his family.