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Marketing Department

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Marketing Department

The Marketing Department is home to a faculty with expertise and talents in a range of subjects in business. In addition to top notch instruction, our faculty contribute to the body of knowledge with research published in the discipline's top academic journals.

Students earning an emphasis in marketing will learn about the strategies, tactics and business processes involved in researching markets, deciding which markets and segments to pursue, identifying what unique value to provide and then assembling the products, services, people and partner firms needed to build, communicate and deliver that value. The Marketing Department is focused on preparing students for careers in marketing, retail, promotion, sales, marketing research and analytics. 

Announcing the new Center for Sales and Customer Development

On September 22-23, 2016, the new Center for Sales and Customer Development (CSCD) officially launched with a series of Grand Inauguration special events. The CSCD serves as a dynamic environment for preparing future leaders in the sales profession by enhancing educational, research, and professional opportunities for students and faculty at the University of Missouri. Housed in the Department of Marketing in the Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business, the CSCD is built on a solid curriculum with well-established programs for students. 

The Center for Sales and Customer Development was established to:

  • Prepare undergraduate and graduate students for this highly professional and dynamic field with coursework and internship opportunities grounded in current best practices while developing innovative research-based solutions for industries and their customers.
  • Enhance the already prestigious University of Missouri degrees by further distinguishing our graduates from other programs and raising their profile and the program’s profile in the marketplace. 
  • Contribute to collaborative knowledge creation in the sales and customer development academic domain. Emphasis on practical implications of research that will be published at the top tier academic journals by the Institute’s experts in the Trulaske College of Business and other colleges across the university.  
  • Influence and inform industry partners and external stakeholders about practical implications of research through workshops, seminars, conferences and other avenues of engagement with industry by the Institute.

The mission of the Center for Sales and Customer Development at the University of Missouri is to advance knowledge and prepare future leaders in the Sales area by enhancing educational, research, and professional opportunities for MU students and faculty in collaboration with Sales practitioners, consultants and academic partners across the globe