Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri
UMIG students

University of Missouri Investment Group

The University of Missouri Investment Group (“UMIG”) educates, trains and places students from Mizzou in high-finance jobs across the country. The group hosts Wall Street Prep, a prominent training organization among large investment banks, which takes students to New York City and Chicago for professional preparation. Additionally, select students meet professionals in New York, Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis and Los Angeles for professional networking and career opportunities.

UMIG is organized into two levels to enhance its training and mentorship model. The “Associates Program” consists of twenty of the most senior members, who interview and test the entry level “Development Program” members. Those members take part in an eight-week course taught by Associates Program members to prepare them for the upper level.

This year, UMIG members will also be competing in the Rotman Trading International Competition in Toronto.

Through the Jeffrey E. Smith Institute of Real Estate and Capital Markets, students can also participate in the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation Career Day, a weekend-long networking event and job fair that includes the presentation of Eisenberg Foundation scholarships. They also compete in the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation Real Estate Competition with groups from other universities. The competition enables students to develop a plan for development of a property owned by the city of Chicago. The winners see their development plan implemented.