Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

About the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We began as a startup in Fall 2017. We began offering new programs immediately and haven’t stopped bringing Mizzou students innovative programs to help them launch new ventures and pursue careers in innovative and entrepreneurial organizations. We are housed in the Trulaske College of Business Management Department and serve the entire Mizzou Community. We build on the strengths of the Management Department, which offers a minor in Entrepreneurship, eight Entrepreneurship courses and is home to faculty that teach highly experiential courses and conduct world class research that advanced the practice of entrepreneurship and contributes to economic prosperity for all Missourians.


Affiliated Faculty


Impact on Economic Development and Outreach

Students who learn how to be successful entrepreneurs through our programs provide positive economic impact through founding new businesses, adding value to high growth existing businesses, and revitalizing low growth businesses through practicing entrepreneurship within existing corporations, a process called intrapreneurship. 

In addition, through joint ventures with the Missouri SBTDC and courses where students provide entrepreneurial and business planning support to businesses, CEI leverages the Management Department’s existing outreach and economic development throughout Missouri.