Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Advisory Board Members

Noor Azizan-Gardner

Assistant Deputy Chancellor of Diversity
University of Missouri
Advisory Board Member: 
Crosby MBA Advisory Board

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Ms. Azizan-Gardner received her Bachelor of Business in Marketing and her MBA with a concentration in International Business at the University of Missouri. Additionally, she is in the process of completing her PHD in International Relations. Discovering early in her career progression that she did not enjoy working in advertising, she turned to her love for international work and networked with peers to get a position involving this line of work. She now works as Assistant Deputy Chancellor for Diversity at MU, a career that she felt allowed her to move up while still having a family. She sees Mizzou as a university that seeks really incredible people to teach classes and act as mentors. Noor also values the public education system at large and believes in making it the best it can be through diversity and networking.

When reflecting on advice she has for Crosby MBA students as they embark on their careers, she states, "Network very intentionally by understanding where you want to go. Networking goes both ways. Students also have a lot to offer by knowing what millennials want." Ultimately, Ms. Azizan-Gardner says the job search process is all about finding a position that is meaningful to you and the world, without taking away from other meaningful parts of your life. Beyond working and spending time with her family, Noor fences, scuba dives, reads, and enjoys time spent at the airport since it's the only real downtime she has!