Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Alumni Mentor Program

The Alumni Mentor Program is designed to pair alumni mentors with students.  Alumni mentors help students with their professional development by providing advice, assistance and guidance. Mentors benefit from helping another person develop, from the energy of the student, and from the student’s insights. The time commitment is flexible and can be easily adapted to the mentor’s and student's schedules. We only ask mentors and protégés to commit to interact (email, phone) at least once or twice a month. 

Benefits to students and mentors

Students get the opportunity to gain knowledge and perspective of an organization and culture while getting constructive feedback on professional and personal development. Student participants in the program report increased self-awareness and self-discipline.

At the same time, mentors serve as role models and coaches, transferring and sharing their experience and knowledge to the future workforce. As experienced business leaders themselves, mentors help students utilize their unique talents and potential, shaping them into future leaders. Our mentors report that participating in the program allows them to enhance their coaching, communication and interpersonal skills.

For more information, download an informational packet on the Alumni Mentor Program.


Student Comment: The Alumni Mentor Program isn't just about networking; It's about relationship building, and that's something you can't gain from a one-day workshop or a career fair. Nothing is more valuable than learning from the experiences of others. My mentor was just as excited as I was to share stories and find common interests. There's something incredible about having a great mentor that you just can't gain from a classroom or a textbook.

Mentor Comment: I absolutely loved participating in the Alumni Mentor Program. It is wonderful that this is a way I can contribute to the college that did so much for me as a student and got me where I am today. I learned so much during my four years in the Trulaske College of Business to prepare me for the professional world that I think it is only right to pass that on to students who are looking to make their own way after graduation. This was an awesome experience, and I am very much looking forward to serving next year as well!

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