Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Wireless Presentation

A system designed to share content from computing devices to a large, collaborative display using wireless technology. Popular examples include home-use devices (AppleTV, Chromecast), software solutions (Mirroring360, Reflector), and infrastructure hardware devices (Mersive Solstice, Crestron Airmedia).

Mersive Solstice

Cornell Hall leverages Solstice in small meeting spaces to encourage the collaborative sharing of content. Solstice allows multiple participants to share content from their devices to a display simultaneously with their peers. This simultaneous sharing feature sets Solstice apart from other home-use devices as it allows multiple clients to connect and share at the same time, rather than just a single sharing device.

Participants can connect to Solstice using Windows and Mac laptops, iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), and Android devices. Once connected, users can mirror their device displays, send pictures and video, tile content side-by-side, change the content focus of the screen and more.

Solstice is installed in all Cornell breakout rooms and any Cornell Hall classroom at the instructor’s request.

Apple TV

AppleTVs can be found in all Cornell Hall classrooms and are used for a targeted use case of wireless presentation. Specifically, these AppleTVs are installed to encourage faculty mobility using the iPad. AppleTV allows instructors to mirror their iPad, showcase iOS mobile apps, and integrate with the class in a seamless fashion. AppleTV can also be used to mirror iPhones, MacOS devices, and Windows/Android devices with third-party applications.