Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Collaborative Technology Classroom (204)

The Collaborative Technology Classroom in Cornell Hall is an experimental space where faculty step off the stage and empower students to explore topics and learn with their peers. The techniques used in Cornell 204 coincide with the strategies suggested by other active learning models such as a flipped classroom, Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL), and Scale-up.

Cornell 204 contains seven pods each configured with:

  • Conference table seating 5 students
  • 48” high-resolution, ultra-thin display TV
  • Powerhouse, wall-mounted desktop computer
  • Full office productivity software and other specialty software requested by instructors
  • Keyboard, mouse, webcam
  • Space and power for students to bring their own devices (BYOD)

These pods are interconnected to allow content from each to be pushed and pulled throughout the room. For example, content from the instructor's station can be delivered to all pods to setup a class session, exemplar content from a student workgroup can be pulled from their pod and distributed to all other groups, or each pod can be separated for students to work through content.

204 Cornell can be used for any Trulaske class or event where small group work is desirable. It is an excellent context for keeping the class together while turning the students loose to work through a tricky problem together, brainstorm ideas, draft a project/paper or evaluate peer work. Pulling example student work from a pod is an excellent way to step the class through a team’s progress or give each team a few minutes to relay their progress.