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Support the Trulaske College of Business through our monthly giving program, Tru 10!


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Tru 10 allows alumni and friends to show their support of the college with a monthly $10 donation to the Trulaske Excellence Fund.

This fund gives college leadership the flexibility to innovate, providing students with a hands-on business education that creates the leaders of the future. In recent years, it has provided support for new and unique programs such as the Student Emergency Fund, the Heartland Scholars Academy and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Monthly contributions help the college create a sustainable revenue stream to ensure that students are always given access to the education and experiences they need for successful futures.

Help us continue the Trulaske tradition of cultivating tomorrow’s business leaders -- join Tru 10!

Give Today: Join Tru10!

Learn more about the Heartland Scholars Academy and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation