Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Mizzou's Crosby MBA students report favorably in the Princeton Review

The Crosby MBA program in the Trulaske College of Business is ranked in the Princeton Review’s top business schools for 2012 with impressive results in several student-reported categories. Students graded favorably “Professors Interesting” at 94 and "Academic Experience" at 92. Additionally, 90 percent reported receiving student aid to attend the full-time MBA program. Improving consistently over the report’s history are quality factors such as students' average GMAT scores and an impressive 93 percent of students employed three months after graduation.

"We are pleased with the results, but we aren't surprised," said Joan Gabel, Dean of the Trulaske College of Business, "Students are our priority and their feedback on program quality is a reflection of the commitment we've made to the MBA experience. Crosby MBA has a legacy of quality that continues to shine through in our rankings."

The traditional, full-time Crosby MBA Program is designed to help students discover their true potential. Faculty and staff of the program nurture the skills and talents students possess in an environment where they'll have the freedom and support to not only succeed academically, but to thrive as individuals. The program offers affordability with strong ROI for graduates and opportunities for collaboration and experiential learning. To find out more, visit