Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

The Three-Part Approach

The three-part Crosby MBA approach is leaving a lasting impression on our graduates. 

Nicole GallowayCAREER

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway, CPA
Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Economics, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Crosby MBA 2008, University of Missouri

“I gained a well-rounded understanding of business that I apply every day. I met the types of people I would work with in my career. Together, we learned how to work toward a common goal. The Crosby MBA’s focus on team building helped me develop my leadership style. Now, I lead a team of 115 State employees. I want them to come to work every day motivated by each task and satisfied with their jobs. I rely on the skills I learned to inspire and motivate these dedicated professionals.”


Sagar Gupta, Post Doctoral Scientist
Crosby MBA 2016, University of Missouri
PhD, Biological Engineering, University of Missouri
Named a 2016 Best MBA, Poets & Quants

While finishing his PhD at Mizzou, Sagar enrolled in an MBA high growth venture class. It didn’t take long for the Biological Engineer to see the synergy between innovation and business. As a scientist, he helped develop a sensor technology to detect cancer cells in blood. As an MBA student, he learned how to patent and market the technology. He used these skills when his team placed 2nd at the Monsanto-Olin Global Supply Chain Competition, then later when he joined a biofuel startup.

“The curriculum is designed to be flexible, which allowed me to focus on my interests in business analytics and finance. I take those skills to work with me every day. The Trulaske College of Business helped me develop my professional philosophy: Innovate. Collaborate. Deliver.”  


Zach Heath, Manager of Marketing and Analytics, Real Good Foods, LLC
Bachelor of Science in Biology, Troy State University
Crosby MBA 2016, University of Missouri

“It was shocking to learn I had cancer in the second year of my MBA. My instructors worked with me to accommodate my treatment schedule, but that was only part of what made such an impact on me. The difference was the community I experienced with my classmates. I was overwhelmed by their support - especially when they worked together to plan a day long fundraiser to help with my medical costs. The experience brought us all together. I’ll always remember the incredible community of people that helped me through both the best and hardest time in my life.”