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Crosby MBA

Everything you've heard about the Crosby MBA is true. 74 percent of Crosby MBA students graduate with no debt. Global programs take students around the world and open doors to international markets. Employment rates at graduation - and compensation - are impressive. Add flexibility and tailored programs to the mix and you'll see we have created a program that is truly amazing. 

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It all begins right here

Getting your MBA can have a profound effect on your life. It can open doors to new careers. Equip you for leadership positions. Increase potential earnings. We know there are a lot of MBA programs out there. So what is it about Crosby that attracts students from around the country and around the world?

A warm Mizzou welcome

The minute you step inside Cornell Hall, you can sense there’s something exciting and different going on. The first thing you’ll notice, besides the spectacular five-story atrium, is how friendly everyone is. There’s a welcoming, inviting atmosphere that truly is unique for an MBA program.

Truly collaborative environment

Talk to one of our exceptional students and the words “collaborative” and “teamwork” are likely to come up. Students not only work together as teams, they also have the opportunity to gain real-world business experience by interacting with executives and professors who are nationally recognized leaders in their respective fields.

Self-directed course of study

Students here will tell you that from day one, they’ve been given the power to direct their own path. You can choose from a wide spectrum of personal development opportunities, classes, case competitions and community service projects to personalize your schedule and make the program your own. Everything in the curriculum is geared to help you explore what it is you want to do.

Return on investment

While the topic of tuition tends to be a sore subject for students at most MBA programs, here it’s talked about openly, with the word “affordable” used most often. Completing your MBA from a nationally recognized and AACSB accredited program without the burden of significant debt is a liberating and rare phenomenon in today’s world.
These are just a few of the attributes that make our MBA program unique. We invite you to take a closer look. When you do, we think you’ll start to understand why you’re choosing more than an MBA program. You’re choosing a truly amazing experience.